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SOAR: International Education Week

On November 15th through the 19th of 2021, SOAR (Student Outlook Action Resources) put on a week of events in celebration of International Education Week. Each day, SOAR offered various events and games that related to the cultural theme of the day. The five cultures and countries that were represented were Brazil, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and America. The week opened on Monday the 15th with a celebration of Brazil. SOAR started the week off small by offering a stress-relieving activity of coloring the Brazilian flag and playing some soccer. They kicked the big events off on Tuesday with Italian Day. Two contests were held: a spaghetti and marshmallow structure building contest and a pasta eating contest. Additionally, SOAR passed out the SGA’s (Student Government Association) new ERAU Football T-shirts to anyone who participated. Winners of all the week’s contests would also be given a SOAR T-shirt. Wednesday’s big event was a German children’s game called “Hit the Pot.” Contestants were blindfolded, given pool noodles, and released to run around the Quad with the objective of locating and knocking over a plastic pot so they could win candy hidden underneath. The game got so crazy that many people were seen out on the Quad just using pool noodles to engage in “pool-noodle wars” against each another! On Mexican Day, SOAR offered another food eating contest, this time with nachos! Students could also make a traditional craft called Bunting (paper flowers made from tissue paper) or take a swing at a hanging pinata to earn an SGA football shirt! On the very last day of events, SOAR set up cornhole on the Quad and tossed around a football for American Day. Overall, International Education Week was a huge success, with an estimated 300 people attending all the events throughout the entire week! Additionally, the events provided an excellent opportunity for SOAR members to grow closer and really feel school spirit! SOAR hopes to hold another International Education Week representing new countries in the Spring of 2022!!

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