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Budget Committee-Fall 2021

Greetings Eagles! As Treasurer, I campaigned on transparency with SGA Finances. To allow all students a closer look at SGA finances, I decided to do a brief review of the Fall 2021 SGA spending. The chart below gives an overview of the spending from last semester. The largest singular expense category is the BCA concert that will be happening this spring on April 16th, 2022. The next largest category was the Student Campus Enhancement Fund (SCEF) which has an agreement to receive 25% of the SGA fee every semester to fund various projects that are proposed by students, faculty, and organizations. Following that was the BCA operating budget for the semester. Next was club funding, both club grants and club subsidies, totaling about $38,250, or about 11% of the total expenses. SGA Services such as snacks, Safe Ride, the Compassion Initiative, the famous SGA Football shirts, and many more totaled to about 8% of the actual expenses. Finally, administration costs were about 4% of our Fall 2021 budget, for meetings, conference costs, and office costs. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to me at and if you are interested in staying current on the SGA finances or having more of a say in where your SGA fee goes, I would encourage you to attend the Budget Committee meetings.

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