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College of Engineering Lunch

The COE Lunch was hosted by the SGA, the Alumni office, and the College of Engineering. It was a huge success, with approximately 50 people attending, ranging from students, to alumni, to faculty members. Many people found this networking opportunity helpful and expressed a desire to see this kind of event held again in the future!

Last Compassion Day of the Semester: LGBTQAI+

The Compassion Initiative had their last event of the year! Students threw rainbow paintballs at a tarp, then students were able to educate themselves on different sexual orientations and gender identities! Once the students finished participating, they were able to get free Gringo Taco’s, thanks to SGA and The Compassion Initiative!

SOAR: Spirit Week

SOAR hosted SPIRIT Week from the 11th-15th of April. The week was immensely successful, with all four colleges and ROTC having their own day to be represented. Additionally, SOAR partnered up with the SGA, ROTC, Talonz Gaming Guild, Gold Wings E-Sports, and Brotherhood of Steel to put on various activities for all students. Overall, 1,000…

Compassion Initiative Debut: Free shirts and Carnations

The Compassion Initiative debuted new shirts and carnations in celebration of Women’s Month! We also went around campus to ask students what women inspires them and had them write out names onto slips to hang up on our bulletin board. Our goal was to highlight the importance of women in our lives and how they…

SOAR: World Week

SOAR (Student Outreach Action Resources) put on World Week from March 21-24. World Week celebrated the various countries and cultures represented on campus from South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Throughout the week, SOAR served snacks and drinks to students that were commonly found in these countries.

Budget Committee-Fall 2021

Greetings Eagles! As Treasurer, I campaigned on transparency with SGA Finances. To allow all students a closer look at SGA finances, I decided to do a brief review of the Fall 2021 SGA spending. The chart below gives an overview of the spending from last semester. The largest singular expense category is the BCA concert…

Celebrate Women in Aviation

On Friday, March 11th, SGA distributed free cookies to students in the quad! The event capped off Women in Aviation Worldwide Week. The week marks the anniversary of the first female pilot license issued to Raymonde de Laroche on March 8, 2010. The cookies were baked in the shape of planes to celebrate the momentous…

Compassion Initiative: Valentines’ Day Cookies

We held our second Compassion Day of the semester! On February 14th the Compassion Initiative handed out free cookies with red and green flags in a relationship. We did this to promote positivity and help students notice the good signs in relationships.

Compassion Initiative: Donuts and Stickers

We held our first Compassion Day of the semester! On January 28th the Compassion Initiative handed out free donuts with our new Compassion Initiative stickers. We did this to make students aware of the meaning behind the Compassion Initiative.

Special Events Committee: Taco Tuesday

We held our first pop-up event of the semester! On January 25th, we had Taco Tuesday out in the Quad! We gave out tacos that students got to customize themselves. We did this to boost morale and have fun!”

Compassion Day: On a Roll with Finals

We held our second Compassion Day of the semester! On December 8th the Compassion Initiative handed out free cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk. We did this to promote positivity and encourage students right before finals–“You’re on a roll”.

SOAR: International Education Week

On November 15th through the 19th of 2021, SOAR (Student Outlook Action Resources) put on a week of events in celebration of International Education Week. Each day, SOAR offered various events and games that related to the cultural theme of the day. The five cultures and countries that were represented were Brazil, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and America.…

Compassion Day: Bee Sweet to Someone

We held our first Compassion Day of the semester! On November 18th the Compassion Initiative handed out free roses and sweet tea. Each rose had a card with an inspirational quote on it, and we handed them out to everyone–making peoples day.

Daytona Beach Trip

During the beginning of October, your SGA went to the Daytona Beach Campus. We were there during their homecoming week and experienced their events first-hand–including Touch-and-Go’s concert. We also got to meet with our counterparts, brainstorm, and understand how they operate as an SGA. Being on the Daytona campus gave all of us who went…


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