Safe Ride

Partnering with AAA

Any student can apply to get a free card which will promise them a free taxi ride home in any condition that they do not feel safe to drive home. This service is anonymous and will not report any information to the school. The student fills out an address on their card, and that is where the taxi will take them; this is only a taxi service to that address. A council member shall administer this service.

Free Snack and Coffee

In our office

We have free snacks, coffee, water, tea, and hot chocolate for anyone who stops by our office!

Club Storage

Hosted by our Organization Representative

This storage is to help give clubs an extra place on campus to put their club’s belongings without fear of tampering.


Student Nutrition Initiative

Partnering with the Salvation Army

Fill out the form to get started or scroll down to find out more information!

The Student Nutrition Initiative (SNI) is a food-pantry program partnering with the Salvation Army to help supplement food for students at our campus who worry about getting enough to eat. Instead of worrying about making ends meet, they can worry about the reason why they attended ERAU; their classes.

When someone signs up, they will receive a box with several predetermined goods; mainly ready-to-eat foods that fit the typical college lifestyle. However, there are a few limitations to this program. Since this service is meant to supplement food, not replace their food source, students can only apply for it once a month and that student must apply again if they are in need of another box. Lastly, since freshman are required to have a meal plan, they are not eligible for the program.

Should a student choose to take part in the program, they will have to submit the form. The data will then be added to a spreadsheet and we will prepare the box with the help of the Salvation Army. After that, the boxes will be delivered to campus and the student will receive an email confirming their box is available and where on campus to pick it up.

Last, but very much not least, I want to emphasize that the information requested will be kept confidential along with the identity of the students who will receive the boxes. Confidentiality is one of the main priorities we have held throughout the setup and operation of this project.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the SNI, please feel free to contact our program specific email

Compassion Initiative

Increasing Inclusion on Campus

The compassion initiative is an initiative that helps spread diversity and inclusion on campus. In the efforts to make Embry-Riddle feel closer to home for all.

Shopping Shuttle Services

Powered by Groom Transportation