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Executive Council


Prince Gersom Anselmo

Hello everyone, my name is Prince Gersom Anselmo and I’m from Aiea, Hawaii. This year I’ll be a senior majoring in Aeronautical Science – Fixed Wing with minors in Air Traffic Management and Applied Meteorology. I love to travel around to see and photograph new places I’ve never been before. I am also involved with our Board of Campus Activities, Eagle Volleyball Club, NGPA Chapter, and Women in Aviation Chapter as well. I am very excited to work with my council to make SGA better and stronger than ever to better advocate for our fellow students! I can’t wait to see all of you in the office or around campus!

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Vice President

Dylan Astrup

Greetings Eagles! My name is Dylan Astrup and I am your SGA Vice-President! I am from Irvine California and I am going to be a Senior studying Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Energy. In my free time I enjoy surfing, hiking, and eating good food. On campus, I’ve been involved with URI and Pi Kappa Phi. Since the Vice-President role is mostly an internal role, I am most excited to help support your SGA council in their projects and initiatives that ultimately benefit the entire student body. Feel free to stop and talk to me around campus or come into the office! 

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Grace Brown

Hello everyone, my name is Grace Brown and I will be serving as your SGA Secretary this year! I’m from Bonney Lake, Washington and am a junior majoring in Global Security and Intelligence Studies. In my free time I love working out, hiking and hanging out with my friends. Outside of SGA, I will be working in Admissions. As Secretary, I’m most excited to continue to grow SOAR, as well as work to refine current conduct processes. Thanks for your time and have a great rest of your summer! 

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Anna McLaughlin

Hello! I’m Anna, and I’m from Kent, Washington. I am currently a junior in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination. I am pursuing this degree with the goal of becoming a forensic accountant for the FBI. Other than being the SGA Treasurer, the organization I’m most involved in is Phi Beta Lambda, a nationally-recognized business competition club. When I’m not at campus, I’m definitely either playing video games (I can talk for hours about all things Skyrim) or eating food (mac and cheese is the best food). My goal for this school year is to help promote club growth by directing SGA grant funding, as well as promote further student body involvement in SGA budget planning. I look forward to meeting you this school year!

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Representative Council

College of Aviation Representative

Brandon Bostwick

My name is Brandon Bostwick and I’m the new College of Aviation Representative. I was born and raised in Dallas Texas. I’m currently a Junior majoring in Aeronautics with safety, weather, aeronautical studies, and defense study minors. I enjoy playing sports, flying, hanging with friends, and hiking. I am currently involved in ROTC and was a wrestler with the school before I decided to pursue SGA. Being able to represent my college and make change for the better is an honor that I couldn’t be more exited for. 

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College of Engineering Representative

Christopher Sorensen

Hey guys! My name is Christopher Sorensen, and I come from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I am a sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering with a focus on the Aeronautical track. I love to serve the Prescott campus in a variety of ways: through my CAM and Orientation Leader jobs, by being a member of Campus Christian Fellowship and the Eagle Volleyball Club, and through my previous leadership as Director of the SOAR program. When I am not in school, I love to game with online friends, create videos, and hang out with my Riddle family! I can’t wait to get out among all of the students and talk directly to you, so that I can understand what specifically you would like your Student Government to be doing. I firmly believe I have been given this position to serve everyone to the utmost of my ability, and that will be my number one goal for this upcoming school year. Looking forward to seeing you all around campus! 

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College of Business, Security and Intelligence Representative

Cameron Daveney

Hi! I’m Cameron Devaney and I’ll be the new CBSI representative on SGA. I grew up in Bonney Lake, Washington which is big enough to have a Costco in it but small enough for nobody to know where it is. This will be the start of my third year at ERAU and I’m majoring in Cyber Intelligence and Security with a minor in Psychology. I like to camp, be physically active, and spend time with my friends. Thankfully I’ve got great people around me here at ERAU so I tend to be in the library “doing homework” a lot. I work in IT on campus so I’ve been refining my golf cart driving skills immensely in the recent past. For this semester I’m excited to get to know the first-year students and help them get settled in here. As always please feel free to talk to me about anything and I’m just here to help!

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College of Arts and Science Representative

Mattysen Short

Hello! My name is Mattysen Short and this year I will be a Junior in Human Factors in Psychology with a minor in Emergency Planning and Management. I lived all over the United States growing up but am most recently from Castle Rock, CO. My favorite hobbies are collecting rocks, cooking, and gardening. In addition to my involvement with SGA, I am also the Environment, Health, and Safety Assistant here on campus working under Michael Brady. This year the SGA has a very diverse council and I am so excited to work with my peers to make changes on campus that represent our current student body and work towards creating a more inclusive environment for future students.

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Organization Representative

Grant Carrabine

Hello! My name is Grant Carrabine and I am from Houston, Texas. I’m going into my 5th year here at Embry-Riddle as a Mechanical Engineering Major propulsion track with a Minor in Business Administration. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the gym, and going on trips. On campus, I work at the Alumni Association. I’m excited for all of the new and good changes coming to the SGA.

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Student Life Representative

Carson Westman

My name is Carson Westman and I live in Las Vegas, NV! I’m currently in my junior year of a 5-year track studying for a Major in Forensic Biology with a Minor in Business Administration. I love watching sports (particularly football and baseball) as well as hiking or anything else outdoors with friends. As a Student Life Representative, I am most excited to meet and form bonds with students all across campus and get people excited for changes and events that happen on campus!

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Student Life Representative

Reya Neitzel

Hi, I’m Reya Neitzel one of your SGA Student Life Representatives. I crossed the horizon from Kapolei, Hawaii to the beautiful Prescott, Arizona about 3 years ago. I am a Senior, Majoring in Aeronautical Science-Fixed Wing. I am most excited about helping foster diversity & inclusion around campus. You may see me all around campus as I am also the Lead Campus Academic for the College of Aviation, one of your Lead Orientation leaders, Lead Student Union Front Desk and our National Gay Pilots Associations chapter President. In my free time catch me playing volleyball, thrifting or hanging out with my sororities sisters. K den Shoots!

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Marketing Director

Bryanna Holguin

Hello, my name is Bryanna Holguin and I am your SGA Marketing Director! I am from Phoenix, Arizona and I am going to be a Senior studying Aeronautics with minors in Air Traffic Management, Aeronautical Studies, and Business Administration. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking, and exploring new places. On campus, I am involved in Alpha Xi Delta, Women in Aviation, and the Granite Mountain Ninety-Nines. I also work on campus as a Campus Academic Mentor for the College of Aviation, as well as a Student Campus Ambassador in the Admissions Office. I am most excited to work alongside the SGA council to advocate for our student body and promote our student organization activities for the year!

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