SGA Council Reports

Written Updates

November 21st, 2022

Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA President Updates:

  • Meeting with Faculty Senate Speaker to discuss Student and
  • Faculty Issues
  • Meeting with Staff Council President to discuss connecting
    students and staff members
  • Continued working on the SGA Student Retention Support
  • Meeting with the Chancellor, DOS, and President Butler to
    discuss the SGA Student Retention Support plan
  • Drafting up SGA Strategic plan for future SGA Council
  • Working on bringing a farmers’ market to campus
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA Vice President Updates:

  • Worked on bylaws update, refer to legislation
  • Created SGA internal calendar for council
  • Updated a couple internal docs
  • Election commissioner stuff
    o Have been meeting with Election Committee making
    lots of decisions
    o More info about elections will be sent out January 30th,
    please refer to that email for the timeline and
    o If you have any elections questions, feel free to reach out to me
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA Secretary Updates:

  • Attended Spring Orientation
  • Attended Academic and Admissions Standards Committee meeting
  • Structure and purpose of this committee are evolving
  • Scheduled SOAR members for SOAR mentorship
  • Working with SOAR to reserve spaces for Eagle Week
  • Scheduled meetings for the SGA Strategic Plan
  • Working on design for Student Union bulletin board
  • Traffic Committee restructuring
  • Met with SOAR execs
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA Treasurer Updates:

Muffin Monday!

  • First Budget Committee Meeting @ 6pm in Library 123
  • Join the Budget Committee! Help set the SGA Budget and
    determine the outcome of SGA grant requests
  • Tier Appeals! Due this week, 1/27 @ 11:59pm.
  • Eagle Life Subsidy and Grant forms
  • Tier trainings are set!
    o 2/27 @ 7:00pm 17-123
    o 3/20 @ 7:00pm 17-123
    o 4/8 @ 7:00pm in 17-123
  • Grant and Subsidy trainings
    o 2/8 @ 6pm in 17-134
    o 3/8 @ 6pm in 17-134
  • First Student Treasury Board Meeting
  • Officer Orientation
  • Muffin Monday! Costco muffins will be available in the SGA
    Office every Monday that we have classes
  • SGA Grants dates:
    o Forms due: 2/10 @ 11:59pm
    o Tiers 3 and 4 Proposals: 2/14 @ 6pm in 17-147
    o Tier 2 Proposals: 2/15 @ 6pm in 17-147
    o Responses Sent: 2/19

Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA College of Aviation Representative Updates:

  • Set up meeting times with Parker Northrup, Dean Holt, and Sarah Thomas (Library)
  • Began brainstorming ideas for Tail Gates with Carson
  • Set up my calendar for the year
  • Met with Gibson Rade about upcoming university events
  • Acquired library whiteboard tables update
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA College of Arts and Sciences Representative Updates:

  • Emailed Hadi Ali about common break survey and inquired
    about the IEC’s spring semester plans.
  • Made plans to welcome visiting students from Japan with
    global engagement.
  • Reached out to Denise Dotson to inquire about spring semester
    plans and see if study abroad needs SGA assistance with
  • Talked to Prince about joining an ad hoc committee discussing
    childcare needs on campus, something I was working on last
  • Started working on college email.
  • Note: I am currently locked out of my prsgacas account so
    email my personal email (shortm8) if you need anything
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA College of Business, Security and Intelligence Representative Updates:

  • Getting campus documents from Brad Sinn for trail mapping
  • Working with Shannon Murphy and Evan Brower to actually create the design
  • I’ll be having my monthly meeting with Dean Drape on Wednesday
  • Stay tuned for a Deans Challenge within CBSI
  • Come into the office and get your Safe Ride cards
Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA College of Engineering Representative Updates:

  • Met with Dean Madler
  • Held two Student Advisory Board meetings
  • Continued working on projects from last semester:
    EGR115/EGR310, Campus Lighting and Convex Mirrors for pedestrian traffic
Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA Student Life Representative Updates:

  • Organized the Eagle Clothing Exchange
    o Found a space for the closet on campus
    o Put together the clothing drive
    3rd. Bins located in the SGA Office, Library( Under the steps) & Haas Commons
  • Started the One Eagle Project for this semester
    o Working on shirts
    o Merch
    o Brainstorming what this semesters event will look like
  • Continuing the continuity for my position, which include the One Eagle Project & Eagle Clothing Exchange

SGA Student Life Representative Updates:

  • Working to get updates on trail improvement project, emailed Burce Gustin to set up a meeting time
  • RSO’s should have lots of service opportunities soon
  • Setting up a meeting with Phil Hess to discuss student events at tailgates this semester, more info on that next open meeting
  • Working on getting new ERAU spirit shirts for events and the office
  • Dining Services meetings set for Fridays at 1:00pm in Earharts fishbowl
    o Technically ‘closed’ meetings but all students welcome to express concerns during!
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2021

SGA Organization Representative Updates:

  • Career Services/SGA Tailgate January 27th from 5-8:30pm
  • o Free Bdubs and pizza
  • o Honeywell and Boeing will be there
  • 2 Hour Job Search Seminar on Zoom
    o See Instagram to sign up
    o Tomorrow 3-6pm
    o Currently, 316 people signed up
  • Club storage
    o Working on door issue
Photographer, Connor McShane 2022

SGA Marketing Director Updates:

  • Created a Linktree account that is now linked in our Instagram Bio
  • Student Discount Card + SGA Services
  • RSO Spotlight form!!
    o Collaborating with the Department of Student
    o Linked in the SGA Instagram bio or under DSE on
    Eagle Life
  • Promoted the 2-Hour Job Search
    o Tomorrow at 3:00pm MST
  • Posted our updated SGA Spring office hours
  • Promoted today’s meeting
  • Drafted the rest of spotlight council posts
  • Made updates to the SGA website
    o There is now an SGA Council Reports tab that will
    have each member’s open meeting report
    o SGA auxiliary page
  • Worked with Reya on promoting the Eagle Clothing Exchange