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November 21st, 2022

Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA President Updates:

  • Meeting with President Butler to discuss Board of Trustees report
  • Completed and submitted Spring Student Life report for the Board of Trustees meeting
  • Yearly SGA Report for campus will be sent out in April
  • Continuing to work with Staff Council on the Lunch on the Green event (TBD for April)
  • Meetings with Chancellor Karlsson and Dean Voorhees to discuss future SGA initiatives, new council transition processes, and the Board of Trustees report
  • Met with Housing Director to discuss projected housing numbers for Fall 2023
  • Hosted the Student Leadership Summit on March 8th
  • Held another Strategic Planning Meeting to discuss future initiatives and objectives
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA Vice President Updates:

    • Held all election events and voting
    • Election committee meetings
  • Held 1-1s with representatives
  • Worked on SGA transition information for all new reps
  • Attended Presidents Roundtable
  • Helped at student life and marketing director interviews
  • 120% of required office hours
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA Secretary Updates:

  • Updated SGA Updates bulletin board outside office
  • Finished ordering for Eagle Week
  • Continuity is done
  • Strategic plan meeting 2/22, 3/8
  • Helped with SOAR talent show
  • Finally held first traffic appeal meeting
  • Setting up conduct meeting
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA Treasurer Updates:

  • Tier Request Forms are due in a few weeks! They are due April
  • 10th at 11:55pm on Eagle Life only.
  • Tier training tonight at 7pm in GSIS 123! If you have questions about the Tier Request Form or the tiered funding system in general, now is the time to ask.
  • Casino Night training meeting 3/1
  • Traffic committee meeting 3/3
  • Casino Night help 3/3
  • Subsidy training 3/8
  • SGA Strategic Planning meeting 3/8
  • Set up the processing method for the TRFs this semester
  • Tier Appeals will be held the third week of April

Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA College of Aviation Representative Updates:

  • 8 new dry erase tables installed URI side downstairs
  • Had 1 on 1
  • Met with Gibson Rade
  • Working with Parker about my project
  • attended Aviation Advisory Board
  • Had IT remove bad ML to fix monthly email issue
  • Worked with aviation club to try and obtain funding from COA
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA College of Arts and Sciences Representative Updates:

  • Made my continuity (position is currently vacant. if interested, check email for application details).
  • Attended an Institutional Effectiveness Meeting
    • No longer looking at making a weekly common break period, but rather one day off a month to be used for study and meetings.
    • Working on changing the end of semester feedback surveys to get more useful information and cut down on
  • Attended a luncheon with study abroad to talk to students from Japan about our school.
  • Continued working on all of my projects.
    • We’re making good progress in the childcare
    • Narcan project should be done by end of next month
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA College of Business, Security and Intelligence Representative Updates:

  • Meeting with Dean Drape, I have another one in 2 days
  • Curriculum Committee Meeting
  • ACFAC Meeting
  • Updated the Safe Ride cards to an online forum, if you are having any trouble come talk to me
  • I’m hoping to put in a proposal soon for the funding of the sign for Carson and I’s trails project
    • Just waiting on the quote for the sign
  • Continuity is done for the CBSI position, started training the next rep
Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA College of Engineering Representative Updates:

  • Met with Dean Madler
  • Attended President’s Roundtable
  • Sent email to AE students regarding wind tunnel
  • Confirmed college polos are in the works at the online bookstore
  • Attended Strategic Initiative Planning meeting
  • Set up Field of Hope event
  • Finished COE Continuity
Photographer, Connor McShane, 2022

SGA Student Life Representative Updates:

  • Created tabling event & advertised petition for transgender aviators
  • Worked with Housing for an upcoming Drag Show
  • Continued the gathering for Eagle Clothing Exchange & organized in club storage till a permanent home is available

SGA Student Life Representative Updates:

  • Met with facilities to discuss trail improvement project
    • Photographic surveying of problem areas on trails
    • Establishing plan for dates and sign-ups
    • Getting equipment
    • Working with campus safety because of student volunteers
  • Dining Services Meetings
    • Food availability with dietary restrictions
    • Meal plan rollover concerns
  • Helped with BCA Casino Night
Portraits of Prescott Campus SGA, Photographer, Connor McShane, 2021

SGA Organization Representative Updates:

  • Spring Break
  • Continuity
  • Working on Club storage Forms
  • Casino Night
  • Elections Committee
Photographer, Connor McShane 2022

SGA Marketing Director Updates:

  • Created graphics to promote:
    • Student Leadership Award nominations
      • Click the link in our bio to submit your nominations!
    • SGA Services
      • Safe Ride Cards
      • Traffic Appeals (thank you Grace!)
    • Today’s Open Meeting
    • Muffin Monday
    • RSO Spotlights – featured the Order of the Sword and Shield Chapter
  • Fill out the form in our bio to get your RSO featured!
  • You can also scan the QR code on flyers around campus to access the form
  • Created a Dining Services Update template
  • Volunteered at Casino Night
  • Added another local business to our student discount card resource- Pralines of Prescott
    • 10% off all coffee, gelato, and special orders
  • Worked on my continuity
    • Created an official SGA marketing guidelines and
      transition document
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